What is Breth?

Breth is a mobile Ethereum wallet (built on GETH's light client) that helps make it super simple to create, manage and interact with your Ethereum accounts.

WHOA! Hold Up...


The Goal

Breth's goal is to make sending and receiving Ether (and Tokens) as easy as using Apple Pay Cash or Venmo to send money to a friend.

The Why?

What's wrong with using Apple Pay Cash or Venmo, they work well and they're free?

When I send you $5 using Venmo, that $5 is first passed to PayPal and then sent on to you. If we were hanging out together and I gave you $5, that $5 would go directly from me to you, no one else is involved. Blockchain technology and Ethereum allow for us to send digital currency to one another without relying on a third party like PayPal. This lets us have all the benefits of a physical cash transaction without having to physically be next to one another. Pretty neat eh?

The Progress

Breth is currently in its Proof-of-Concept phase and is being tested by a select group of trustworthy individuals to help weed out any major bugs, flaws and frustration points.

The Plan

Once the initial testing is completed, we'll open source the code and start accepting users into a closed beta testing round to gather even more feedback and criticism. Once the beta testing round is complete, we'll publish version 1.0 of Breth to Apple's App Store!

The Promise

Breth will remain open source and free to use forever with zero ads!