Follow these steps to create an Ethereum account with Breth

  1. Navigate to the account management card.
  2. Click on "+ New" and follow the prompts...
    1. Create a password (Alphanumeric and Special Characters).
    2. Retype your password (Don't forget your password, there is no password recovery in Breth ).
    3. Breth generates a new account for you on the Ethereum Network!
    4. Label your account with a nickname (e.g. Account 1, Play Money, Savings, Vacation Savings , etc).
    5. Pick a color scheme that will help you distinguish this account from the others you own / create in the future.
  3. Click "Save" to save your new account, or "Discard" to delete it forever...
  4. Congratulations! You just created an Ethereum Account that you can use to store ether, tokens and collectibles !
  5. Reminisce on how easy that was.