Follow these steps to receive Ether with Breth...

Anyone can send you Ether so long as they have your account's address. Similar to how anyone with your email address can send you an email, people don't need your permission to send Ether to your account.

Sharing your address (QR Code)

Swipe to the account of the address you want and tap the 'Incoming Transactions' button in the top left corner of your account card.
Incoming Transactions Button
You can also long press on the 'Smart Button' at the bottom center of your phone and drag your finger onto the 'Receive' button then unclick. To dismiss the receive page just click the 'Incoming Transactions' button or use the smart button to click 'Receive' again.
The QR Code you see is your account's address. You can let someone scan the code with a QR Scanner or you can click on the QR Code to share your address via email, text, twitter, etc.

Sharing your address (Copy and Paste)

You can long press the account's address on the account card to quickly copy your address to your phone's clipboard.
From here, you can paste your address in a text conversion, email, or any other medium

Thats it!

Your address is all people need to send you Ether. Once someone sends you Ether, a transaction will appear below your account card and your account's balance will update automatically.

You don't need to have Breth open in order to receive money.

Next up... Send it!

Follow this guide to learn how to send Ether to an address